Early detection Preventing with
Machine learning

Predicting medical outcomes with high accuracy through unstructured or structured historical datasets, to provide intelligent insights and clinic decision support, at a fraction of the time cost.

Deep learning Made easy

End 2 end deep learning platform accessible to researchers, medical institutions and government to unlock the valuable diagnostic ability of A.I. on medical images hereby providing powerful participatory care at a fraction of the cost both in time and financially

Medical knowledge Supercharged
Language models

Connect any data source , machine learning or deep learning outputs with local language models to give any physician “super powers” in order to provide better, quicker personalised care.

Extended reality For remote care.

By combining all of the previous products in to immersive 3D worlds instead of 2D screens, physicians and patients no longer need to be physically together for certain steps in healthcare.

Hereby laying the foundations for participative care by removing barriers of distance and time.

Immersive Environment
3D Communication

Advancements in 3D hardware will likely be just as disruptive as the smartphone was desktops and laptops. That’s why we have started to build our 3D foundations to test and discover the challenges early on.