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ThakaaMed has been at the forefront of this revolution, developing AI-powered solutions that are not just technologically advanced, but also intuitive and user-friendly. Explore our range of products and discover how ThakaaMed is making Health care more efficient, accurate, and personalized


A.I. Use Cases today

Where Theory Meets Practicality: Real-World Applications of Our Solutions


Leveraging A.I.-annotated diagnosis, we accelerate the learning curve for dental students, paving the way for a smarter, more efficient future in dental care.


Harnessing A.I.-annotated insights, we enhance diagnostic precision for dentists, ensuring more accurate and efficient patient care.


Empowered by A.I. insights, patients gain clarity on their diagnosis and treatment options. This transparent approach ensures they are better informed, confident in their choices and more engaged in their dental journey


By integrating A.I. into clinics and hospitals we streamline processes while enhancing efficiency. Timely and accurate diagnosis pave the way for smoother patient experiences and improved healthcare delivery.

Thakaa Detect

Our products, like ThakaaMed Detect, are designed to empower Health professionals and enhance patient relationships

Dental Diagnostics


Leveraging advanced technologies to transform and enhance dental healthcare


Machine Learning powered diagnostics


A.I powered treatment planning


Intelligent Patient Communication


ThakaaMed fostering stronger patient relationships through AI

Thakaa IQ

Thakaa Med Education Platform

It enables dentistry students to learn dento-maxillofacial anatomy and pathologies practically, thanks to artificial intelligence.

Opportunity to practice with artificial intelligence on radiographs

Exams and applications that instructors can create with artificial intelligence

Better quality and efficient dentistry education powered by artificial intelligence technology